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Note: All links attached to the equip-used "Model" and "More" button allow you to view a detailed page on the piece of equipment selected. "Asking Price" will allow you to make us an "Online Offer" on the piece of equipment selected. The equipment listed herein may be owned by a 3rd party and offered for sale on behalf of that party.
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Screen Printing Equipment
ID#ManufacturerModelYearStateStations/ ColorsOriginal PriceAsking PriceLease PaymentVideoProduct Details
4324Brother GT-341 Direct to Garment Printer 2017ILNA$23,995.00 $4,995 Call
4229Brother GTX-422 2017ILNA$22,500.00 $16,495 $328
3815Brown Number Printer w/ Flash and Screens  IL1/4$11,900.00 $995 Call
3967Champion air compressor  ILNA$10,995.00 $995 Call
4098Hotronix MAXX2G120 2017ILNA$1,357.00 $799 Call
4037M&R (32 pcs total) 16" floodbars  ILNA$2,560.00 $512 Call
4352M&R Eco Rinse 56x50  ILNA$28,195.00 $20,000 Call
4367M&R Printing (14pcs) 10x22 Solid Aluminum Pallets  ILNA$2,240.00 $1,330 Call
4363M&R Printing (28pcs) 14x22 Solid Aluminum Pallets 2016ILNA$4,480.00 $2,660 Call
4364M&R Printing (28pcs) 18x22 Solid Aluminum Pallets 2016ILNA$5,320.00 $3,080 Call
4053M&R Printing Amscomatic UPA-II Print and Apply Labeling System 2014ILNA$22,400.00 $9,495 $237
4361M&R Printing Red Chili Quartz Flash 20x24 2016ILNA$4,900.00 $3,495 Call
4360M&R Printing Red Chili Quartz Flash 20x24 2016ILNA$4,900.00 $3,495 Call
4359M&R Printing Red Chili Quartz Flash 20x24 2016ILNA$4,900.00 $3,495 Call
3826Mystic Spray Out Gun  ILNA$199.00 $99 Call
3824Newman MZX Roller Frames 10" x 13 " OD (QTY 57)  ILNA$3,420.00 $570 Call
4151Progressive Falcon Model EF1214- 14 Station 12 Color Auto Textile Press w/ 3 Quartz Flashes 2006IL14/12$94,995.00 $29,995 $719
4347Rhinotech RhinoSpray High Pressure Screen Cleaner  ILNA$900.00 $495 Call
4260Ryonet Chemical Dispensing System - 3 pumps (never used) 2017ILNA$2,000.00 $1,295 Call
4237Schultz Pre-Treater IV 2017ILNA$5,200.00 $2,995 Call
4299Workhorse Solid Aluminum Pallets 6x22 2016ILNA$1,120.00 $680 Call

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